ierib onepiece top derbies / ostrich

ierib onepiece top derbies / ostrich


Color: black

Material: ostrich leather

Made in Japan

Art.: od1ost

(One Piece Derby shoes) 
hanging a piece of leather by hand, hole cut shoes to shape the form of three-dimensional shoes. It vividly expresses one as it is of greater pulsing such texture leather. Hand is high to make lump of fastness by the craft, but there is also drape a sense of the upper warpage or leather, not only rugged, and finish in the form of a goods in the modern. Pursuit on, the easy to match the sense of balance regardless of the off and style at a moderate weight feeling not too light. 
The heel in the shoes of ierib attach the bracket that came with the leather soled sandals called familiar protector. Wear put also adhered to the structure of the mouth, ankle neatly along such a curved cutting the adoption in when wearing. 
It is a work that dropped into the lightness, such as put it in the rough in the slip sense contrary to the heavy leathery. Product of ierib to perform all of the steps involved in production by the hand of the designer himself. Technique to take advantage of the facial expression of one point leather in full, make the pattern cut to fit the look of leather. Because that is calculated to where to apply the most prominent site, finished work can be said only one in the world. 

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