ierib exclusive whole cut rounded derby / horse-cordovan(Japanese-Sumi Dyed)

ierib exclusive whole cut rounded derby / horse-cordovan(Japanese-Sumi Dyed)


Color: black

Material: horse cordovan leather

made in Japan


(For material) 
hose bat leather ierib has launched from its own development stage. The nature of the buttocks of the nature and staining of the horse, 
the more difficult the normal collection mass production will be no expansion material. 
Gradation beautiful leather of fiber, which is taken from the waist around the whole area from the buttocks of farming horse. 
Unlike the mono impregnated with wax is a masterpiece of ierib, flexible and harshness 
you Yuki to form a drape feeling like undulating larger with. First in texture, such as moss 
use the ink after you put the dark green, leather representing the shadow sense of feel Wabisabi of traditional Japanese subjected to black dyed. 
Use the laces of Lamy hard to cut and the thousand increased the intensity in the blended yarn of polyester Kyoto braid. 
(One Piece Derby shoes) 
Raundotou type of dress Derby shoes that were shaped from hanging by hand. 
Cut from a single piece of leather, it is vividly express the big pulsing like texture. 
Hand is high to make lump of fastness by the craft, but there is also drape a sense of the upper warpage or leather, not only rugged, and finish in the form of a goods in the modern. Pursuit on, the easy to match the sense of balance regardless of the off and style at a moderate weight feeling not too light. The heel in the shoes of ierib attach the bracket that came with the leather soled sandals called familiar protector. 
Universal, and natural modeling and denseness and sophistication is the craftsmanship of Japan's hand-crafted unique is, work that a very hefty and robust hose bat leathery, was sublimated into a vividly also a warmth facial expressions. 

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