ierib onepiece tote bag / cordovan hand dyed

ierib onepiece tote bag / cordovan hand dyed


Color: black

Material: horse culatta leather

Made in Japan

Art.: TB-WHB-blk

Size: vertical 36.5cm horizontal 38.5cm Machi 8.5cm strap total length 58cm 

It is high leather fiber density taken from the vicinity of the waist, including the cordovan layer. Material was produced or in different Tannersville is a wax-filled hose bat. It is rough texture, but there is flexibility, wrinkles and luster only features with the swell. Construction was carried out staining the hand-dyed process in two stages after the sewing. Black and deep. It will be a strong vintage feel of the product processing unique finish. 
One Piece Tote BAG according to one cut that take full advantage of the texture of leather. We as it is the product of a vivid wild taste. Simple structure contrary to appearance with the impact, will be the specifications that have deployed lining and an inner pocket. Tote bag with a manly Gotsumi. 
Fasteners YKK EXCELLA, in all pull brackets are manually 
have been made oxide processing. Product of ierib to perform all of the steps involved in production by the hand of the designer himself. 
Technique to take advantage of the facial expression of one point leather in full, make the pattern cut to fit the look of leather. 
Because that is calculated to where to apply the most prominent site, the finished work only with it can be said finish one in the world. 

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