ierib exclusiveTOSCANA BABY lamb mOUTON FUR COAT

ierib exclusiveTOSCANA BABY lamb mOUTON FUR COAT


Color: black/white

Material: baby lamb mouton

Made in Italy


raw materials: sheepskin, Italy will use the baby Mouton fur is the highest peak of Tuscany, very elegant and is none the likeness disagreeable characteristic is fur which is aligned taking proportioned. Flexibility and warmth is not to say, feel that wrap around the body is the finest thing in the one and only. Also proud that the comfort put on from the top of one T-shirt in the dead of winter. Similarly, suede surface is a surface, it has been appointed facial expressions have a good gloss degree. 
Fasteners YKK Corp. of 5YAN, the BLACK ZIP shiny adopted, we are working to balance the body. In the ZIP adopted ierib original, it has been fitted with a pull tab that was antique processing the brass. 
Ventilation parts of the under side also like parts are adopted, you have to adapt to the overall atmosphere texture. 
Ierib, such as if it is a true value of, hoodie Mouton fur coat combined also lifting adult casual. So-called, one that eliminates unpleasant ness and sexual atmosphere of Mouton, the only emphasis as fashion. Color contrast between beige hanging white fur and shine to suppress black surface (suede surface) very nice 
to wear, exquisitely patterned in tightness is calculated size pitch, it is sewing cutting and There you can feel. Without putting the force on the shoulder, usually Mouton coat of taste that can be incorporated as it is in everyday fashion styling. 
ierib products, design through a process of several steps than leather creation stage,pattern, sewing, processing of metal parts, without relying on the current machine to the processing of the final product, production was performed by the designer himself manual we are. Therefore, rather than the fact that exactly the same for the same product, there is the case that each of the facial expression is slightly different. 
And product washing of regard products, etc., because we do not the color stop with chemicals in order to leave the texture, the first use should be careful such as discoloration. Also at the processing stage, there is also the case that, such as some of the color unevenness and scratches may occur, but please forgive me. 

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