ierib classic zipper long jacket / waxy JP culatta *soft finished

ierib classic zipper long jacket / waxy JP culatta *soft finished

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Color: green

material: horse culatta leather

Made in Japan


Ierib was jointly developed with tanneries of the country will be on its own hose bat leather. Wild and strong texture of leather wild taste, and impregnated with wax by hand-painted, including the cordovan layer is rigid leather which gave a strong tension waist no other. Unique in leather while applying the heat iron has given facial expressions. Because of the robust fiber wall thickness, hardness, such as leather jacket to independence but was a feature, we added a step in consideration the comfort to have the flexibility to loosen the leather than this season. More sleeves through the well, and finished in such a beautiful drape enters the rigid look. 

(Classic zip jacket) 
is a stand-up collar jacket that is based on the Taylor ring. 
Slim sizing moderately to shape. Basic Riders style. 
While performing a linear and careful construction, such as the finish remains bleed in part, 
is a work style came out strongly feel the warmth and vividness of the "hand of man by the work process". 
Use a special hair core, which was woven the hair of the horse double in the shoulder, Ise write has been formed by a hand-sewn. 
Order to improve the sleeve through, the back sleeve has deployed the lining. 
All metal parts such as snap button on the sleeve has construction antique processing by hand. 
Fasteners YKK EXCELLA, pull tab fitting use the brass parts of ierib original. 

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