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Color: green

Material: waxed horse butt leather

Made in Japan


"TECTA" which is the origin of the name of a shoe is a metal fitting used for the heel of a Japanese traditional footwear "SETTA".In the past, it was "stylish" to ring "chic to tick♪" when the metal fittings rub against the ground. When dropping Japan leather leather by Kyoto's ierib and Himeji's tanner into contemporary Derby shoesIn addition to TECTA, it will be a work with a design such as "tie it through a braid to a hole in the heel, express" Japan-like elegance, taste ". The natural shaping unique to handcraft and denseness and sophistication which is Japanese craftsman temperamentThey are sublimating the very strong and robust hose bat's leather to a vividly warm face. The warping of the upper is very beautiful and draws a flowing curve, and the drape wrinkle that accumulates there has a very impact. Moreover, besides color luster and wrinkle feeling, various expression such as burning feeling and dirt and rubbing feeling live together, it is a very expressive pair of shoes. In collaboration with Tanner of Himeji city in Hyogo prefecture, ierib's original horse butt leather.Horse butt leather of ierib original. Horse butt refers to the leather at the lower back portion of the horse, and its unique wild flavors give a distinctive expression of wrinkles. Leather carefully penetrates the wax through hand painting,giving a strong sense of firmness and elasticity to a solid rug. The process of gradually changing to flexible leather with the aging change is also a pleasure of "raising leather". The shoelace is a braid in Kyoto. Because we are using blended yarn of ramie and polyester, the strength of several stages rises, it is difficult to break a thousand. All metal fittings attached to that shoelace are made of sterling silver.Because it smokes it considerably, although it is a facial expression of black, if you polish it will change to silver color.

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