ierib one shoulder bag / Rough-Bull

ierib one shoulder bag / Rough-Bull

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Color: black

material: bull leather

Made in Japan

art.: CRBB-BL-Blk

Size: 56cm x 35.5cm x 21cm

ierib will Burureza that started from new development stage. Leather representing the strengths of robust and rough skin feeling of bull that has grown without the castration. Temper is rough, but is warlike wild taste of the strong feeling of nature Bull unique, while the penetration of such oil components in its own process, by loosening the fiber a light contrary to the heavy look, undulating flexible also provides sex. Tinged with grain one by one deep gloss only oversized in aging, it will appear beautiful shade feeling. 
It is a one-shoulder bag with excellent utility in easy to carry feeling of size. 
Any place, it also becomes possible to cope with such clothes because both hands becomes vacant in the state in which hung on the shoulder. Fierce uniqueness of the strong work that was dissolve the strong material of wild taste for daily use. 
There is a presence just to carrying, leather of a strong texture, such as wear the clothes you can incorporate in a sense. Wallet, mobile phone, such as tobacco class and pet bottle will be the specification provided with a lining in an appropriate amount of sizing to enter and clean. 
Product of ierib to perform all of the steps involved in production by the hand of the designer himself. Technique to take advantage of the facial expression of one point leather in full, make the pattern cut to fit the look of leather. Because that is calculated to where to apply the most prominent site, finished work can be said only one in the world. 

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