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Munoz Vrandecic
Miguel Munoz Wilson, established and founded his own company Munoz Vrandecic in 2004, based in Barcelona. All pieces are made in limited series, developed by artisans in the Munoz Vrandecic laboratory. The Carefully selected cowhide leather is treated in house completely. All closures and brass adornments are fashioned by jewellery techniques. The immaculate wooden lasts are modeled exclusively for each style. The idea behind this workmanship, is to experiment and explore traditional construction techniques, with luxury and opulence as its profound end result. Polished materials are sturdily buffed onto shiny terseness while textured materials are maintained soft and have a rather ruffled feel. Henceforth, the harsher leathers and soft leathers are both combined and used in the same shoe, where one provides structure and the other elegant flexibility.