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The Japanese brand Kaval is based on a simple belief: cooperation and passion gathered through a team of creative who love what they do and put that love into the collections they design. That is why Kogasaka’s first collection launched in 2004 was called “Shepherds”. In regards to the backbone of his company and gratitude towards the many various craftsmen who work together. As shepherds look after all their sheep to create high quality wool, Kogasaka’s aim is to support craftsmen in local towns through his company. In 2013, a new label is born, called Kaval, also created by Kogasaka’s talent. Clothing designed are thought to be instantly and naturally cherished. Each piece is handmade and imbued with the care and tenderness of the Japanese craftsman who created it. Kaval seems to be inspired by nature balance and harmony. As if fashion design was becoming a meditation, a way to approach spirituality, to find peace. As the brand likes to say: “Each piece is like the gentle sound of a flute, whose melody echoes across a meadow, our inspiration is evocative, enigmatic and timeless”. Once again for Spring Summer 2014 collection, Kaval has prepared a selection of basic and long lasting products which aren’t affected by trends, inspired by the vintage archives of Europe and Japan which are always Kogasaka’s main passion. All that remains is integrity and authenticity, making Kaval an eternal brand.